Rotational moulding, called also rotomoulding, is a process of making plastic hollow parts.

In rotomoulding a steel or aluminium tool (mould), which consist of two or more parts, is put into an oven. The tool is filled with plastic granules or powder that melts and changes into liquid that sticks to the internal walls of the mould. It constantly and slowly rotates around two perpendicular axes. Those rotations are continued in the next phase of a process, i.e. a cooling phase, so deformation and sagging of a product is avoided.
Rotational moulding finds a wide range of applications in many branches of industry, e.g. agricultural, machinery, leisure, food and chemical industries.
Rotationally moulded products are recyclable, because polyethylene the most common material used in this process, can be reground and reused.

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CENTINO designs and manufactures steel tools that can be used for making rotationally moulded products. CENTINO can provide the following services:

  • optimisation of a product,
  • improve a design to make it suitable for rotomoulding process,
  • advise and help to choose the position of parting (split) lines,
  • precise manufacturing,
  • designing features that can speed up a manufacturing process, e.g. demoulding of a product from a tool,
  • high, repeatable quality,
  • manufacturing of segment tools that can be used to make series of products of different sizes,
  • professional pre- and after-sales service.
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CENTINO is Polish leader in designing rotomoulded products, mainly underground and static storage tanks. We also specialise in strength analyses of such products.

CENTINO provides vast range of services:

  • technical consultancy, solving technological problems, minimization of material losses
  • implementation of rotomoulding technology, starting up of rotomoulding production
  • designing rotomoulded products, especially tanks, manhole cover, lids, shafts etc.
  • optimization of product designs, e.g. their topology and geometrical parameters
  • designing and manufacturing steel sheet rotomoulding tools
  • preparation of technical documentation needed for approvals (CE, TÜV Rheinland etc.), e.g. 2d CAD drawings, 3d CAD models, catalogues and manuals
  • strength analysis of plastic products, including their non-linear behaviour,results of our analyses are respected by Polish and international certification bodies, e.g. Polish Institute of Environmental Protection (IOŚ), TÜV Rheinland or TÜV SÜD.
Zobacz animacje

Animation shows in a simplified way the process of rotation moulding of the tanks.

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Konferencja Rotopol 2016

In June 2016 we hosted at the Spring ROTOPOL Conference of rotomoulding

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Rotopol 2015

On 14-15.05.2015 conference was held with our participationThe World Is Plastic, Ecological and Fantastic organized by the Rotopol association .

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ARMO 2015

13-15 September 2015 we hosted an international ARMO conference industrial rotation casting in Nottingham UK.

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Rotopol 2014

In April 2014 we hosted at the Spring ROTOPOL Conference of rotomoulding.

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