Designing of tanks

CENTINO has designed hundreds of rotomoulded plastic tanks and also steel tanks. We have a lot of experience and expertise in this field.

Tanks designed by CENTINO are:

  • suitable for rotomoulding and do not warp,
  • easy to produce and demould,
  • strong and robust, for each tank a careful and detailed structural Finite Element Analysis is done,
  • optimized in order to reduce their shot-weight,
  • individually designed to meet specific requirements, e.g. loads, ground conditions etc.
  • attractive,
  • based on many years’ experience.

Centino designs also above-ground statics storage tanks taking into account supports and loads specific for such vesseles.

In design process not only the strength of a tank is considered, but also its equipment, connecting features (e.g. inlets or outlets), shafts, baffles, pumps and other things mounted inside our outside a tank.

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