CE marking of small wastewater treatment plants

How to obtain CE marking for a small wastewater treatment plant? It depends on a treatment method. If it is a small septic tank then all requirements are presented in EN 12566-1. Small biological wastewater treatment plants are covered by EN 12566-3.


The certification procedure is as follows:

  1. A manufacturer of a plant asks CENTINO for help in obtaining CE marking of his plant.
  2. CENTINO prepares needed documents, i.e.:
    • strength calculations of tank (tanks),
    • installation and usage manual,
    • material data sheets and certificates,
    • collects CE declaration for components, e.g. air blower.
  3. A manufacturer prepares at his site a tank or tanks for water tightness test (according to CENTINO guidelines). This refers to septic tanks according to EN 12566-1.
  4. A manufacturer connects his wastewater treatment plant to a much bigger wastewater treatment plant and test specimens of cleaned water for min. 9 months (EN 12566-3).
  5. CENTINO implements Factory Production Control in a manufacturer’s site or its elements if it has been already implemented into production.
  6. CENTINO contacts with a notified body and arrange the visit of their inspector to make type testing in a production site.
  7. A notified body prepares a test report (REMARK: this is not a CE declaration).
  8. CENTINO collects all documents including all test reports and finish the certification procedure by preparing CE declaration and respective marking on a product. Since that moment a manufacturer can officially sell its products.


  • Participation of a notified body is necessary to finalise a certification procedure. CENTINO, using its long-term experience, helps to find the cheapest and quickest notified body.
  • A test report on type testing is the most important document needed to obtain CE marking but not the only one. There are other documents and certificates that have to be prepared.
  • A manufacturer as a designer and producer of a plant is fully responsible for a product. He cannot avoid liability and pass responsibility on third parties, e.g. a notified body.
  • A notified body does only type testing. Other tests and documents need to be prepared by a manufacturer or on his behalf by CENTINO.
  • Any change in the design of a plant, e.g. the change of material or adding of a tank to the range of plants, may require redoing type testing. CENTINO tries to prepare documentation in such a way that the risk of this is reduced, e.g. by using as general information as possible.
  • CENTINO certifies septic tanks according to EN 12566-1 in less than one month.
  • A certification of small biological wastewater treatment plants according to EN 12566-3 lasts at least nine months because a treatment efficiency test procedure shall be carried out during a minimum period of 38 weeks.

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